We all play roles in our lives – Some we choose, some are given to us, and some we embody fully. Some we object to but cannot seem to avoid. Others we are forced to play by our families or society.

In Drama Therapy, health is viewed as the ability to fluidly transition between roles – even roles that seem to be in contradiction to each other. I can be the competent professional, the anxious one, and the warrior in my life all at the same time.

Being stuck in unhealthy patterns, likewise, can be viewed as being restricted to a small cluster of similar roles. For example, if I only see myself as the depressed one, the lost child, and the outcast, I probably won’t find myself with the resources needed to lead a balanced, healthy life.

Drama Therapy can help us identify the roles we play and start to create meaning around our story. We try to move away from the binaries of right/wrong or good/bad, and instead see ourselves as constantly changing, complex, and dynamic individuals in relationship to the world around us.

As a Creative Arts Therapist and educator, my work is fundamentally collaborative and relational. Through creative expression, embodied play, and counseling techniques, I work with clients to help them discover a greater sense of flexibility and empowerment in their own lives.

Drama Therapy can serve individuals of all ages dealing with trauma, depression, anxiety, addiction, relationship ruptures, life goal blocks, and social/behavioral challenges.

For more information about Drama Therapy, please check out the North American Drama Therapy Association (NADTA) website.


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