Workshop | Sun. 10/28/18 | NADTA Conference Kansas City

Playing with Workplace Trauma through Role Sun, October 28, 11-12:30p NADTA Conference 2018 – Kansas City, Missouri This workshop will explore the complex internal and external performances we engage in as clinicians in our workplace systems. Using Landy’s Role Theory and Wegscheider-Cruse’s Family Roles, participants will create therapeutic theatre to explore how vicarious trauma and parallelContinue reading “Workshop | Sun. 10/28/18 | NADTA Conference Kansas City”

Online Call | Sun. 3/15/18 | NADTA Diversity: Drama Therapy and Intersectionality

As a part of the North American Drama Therapy Association’s Racial Justice Dialogues, Kamran Afary and I will be facilitating a dialogue exploring questions of how intersectionality emerges in clinical and educational settings. Drama Therapy and Intersectionality in Clinical and Educational Settings Sunday, March 25 at 5:30pm Pst (8:30pm Est) Click Here to join the callContinue reading “Online Call | Sun. 3/15/18 | NADTA Diversity: Drama Therapy and Intersectionality”