Therapy and life coaching are about building connections and flexibility through talk therapy techniques and creative expression. If you are struggling, therapy can help. My work is fundamentally collaborative and relational. The key is to help you get in touch with your creativity and start feeling connected and empowered in your life.

Some clients are interested in integrating forms of drama therapy and expressive therapy in their sessions. If you are curious about DRAMA THERAPY, read more here! Keep in mind, you do not need to be a “creative type” to benefit from expressive therapy. Sessions can be tailored to meet your needs and comfort levels.

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Individuals and Couples

I firmly believe that healing can come from creating a space where clients can feel seen and heard, and where a reconstructive relationship can be formed based on mutuality, respect and trauma-informed exploration. 

My individual practice attracts clients with a variety of different needs – from managing anxiety or depression to exploring more specific concerns related to disordered eating, trauma, addiction, communication blocks, and/or life transitions.

We will work on identifying unhealthy patterns, exploring ways to grow while developing acceptance, and accessing lasting change in your life.

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Groups and Workshops

Group therapy and workshops are a great love of mine. I currently run groups at Reasons Eating Disorders Treatment Center and through my practice.

I have worked with many organizations leading workshops or staff in-services, including with the Los Angeles Psychological Association, Los Angeles Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (LACAMFT), Expressive Therapies Summit, Penny Lane Centers, and the North American Drama Therapy Association.


Click below for information about Diversity, Anti-Bias and Cultural Humility through Action workshops with Dr. Mimi Savage.

Clinical Supervision

Supporting other clinicians and providing a safe space for growth is one of the most rewarding tasks in this field. I have experienced transformational supervision in my work at Bellevue Forensic Psychiatry and Kings County Psychiatric Hospital. I seek to be a mentor, guide and support for other clinicians. From the importance of self-care and understanding vicarious trauma, to exploring drama therapeutic interventions, to discussion about ethics and working in systems, I know how much supervision matters.

Let’s tap into your creativity!