Life Transitions

Role transitions in our lives can be challenging as they are moments of change we don’t always expect or plan for. Illness, loss, divorce, and trauma are all experiences that force us to adapt quickly. Even when a role shift is something we prepare for, as in the case of new parenthood or a child moving from one grade to the next, the experience can be overwhelming and isolating. We all can use a safe place on our journey from time to time.

Therapy is a place for you to be held, take a breath, observe the challenges, and tap into your inner resiliency. Children already have access to a special tool, the power of spontaneous play, that can help them in this process. In fact, we all have this spontaneity and creativity, we just don’t always know how to access it.

Drama Therapy can help us deal with the impact of role transitions and make meaning so that we can lead beautiful, rich, and meaningful lives.