Self-Expression and Wellness for Teens and Children

If your teen or child is struggling, I can provide a space where they can feel supported and safe. Adolescents and teenagers are in a unique crossroads in life. In between adulthood and childhood, this stage comes with many stressors, unknowns, and insecurities. Having grown up in Los Angeles, I attended Marymount High School in the late 90s. While today’s teens are dealing with so much as a result of technology and the additional considerations it brings, I remember well the academic pressures and social difficulties that Los Angeles teenagers go through at this important stage in life. I also worked as a professional with young adults in the New York City public high school system for over 7 years. I have a special place in my heart for this age group.

Drama therapy can help teens and children discover their own creativity and power, and in the process deal with stress and depression. By exploring the social, emotional, and role shifts happening in their lives, we can help find a path through anxiety, anger, sadness, eating disorders, addiction, the impact of trauma, and many other struggles. Through art, storytelling, improvisation, talking, and/or movement, we can help teens find an outlet for their passion, pain, or unique individuality.