Therapist in crisis? When the professional and personal roles collide.

The world feels quite tumultuous these days. As a therapist, the U.S. elections and the COVID-19 pandemic have been taking up a lot of space with my clients — causing anxiety and deep feelings of unrest. It has also been an incredibly hard couple months for me personally. I’ve had to ask myself some difficultContinue reading “Therapist in crisis? When the professional and personal roles collide.”

On eating disorders recovery treatment

My work in 2019 took on a number of new shapes that I wasn’t expecting. Doesn’t life always surprise us that way? A part time job at Reasons Eating Disorders Treatment Facility led to a deeper understanding of the underlying factors involved in ED, while simultaneously my private practice started to *magically* attract more individualsContinue reading “On eating disorders recovery treatment”

On addiction treatment and drama therapy

One of the biggest strengths I see in using Drama Therapy is that it allows people to expand their understanding of themselves beyond just the roles of “Addict” or “Lost One.” Many people come to treatment for addiction with shame, guilt, and self-hatred for hurt they have caused their loved ones. Much of the process of healing starts with tapping into a radical self-compassion. Drama therapy is perfectly suited for holding the complexity of both taking responsibility for one’s actions as an adult, while simultaneously expressing anger or loss at the trauma one experienced as a young person.

On detox and thanks

Found this on my desk a couple weeks ago from a client at the #detox recovery center. So much talent in one little frame. The client was a special individual – even though he struggled to see it. Addiction doesn’t discriminate. And it continually amazes me the power of human connection and fortitude even whenContinue reading “On detox and thanks”