On addiction treatment and drama therapy

One of the biggest strengths I see in using Drama Therapy is that it allows people to expand their understanding of themselves beyond just the roles of “Addict” or “Lost One.” Many people come to treatment for addiction with shame, guilt, and self-hatred for hurt they have caused their loved ones. Much of the process of healing starts with tapping into a radical self-compassion. Drama therapy is perfectly suited for holding the complexity of both taking responsibility for one’s actions as an adult, while simultaneously expressing anger or loss at the trauma one experienced as a young person.

On boundaries

I love and value this well-timed reminder 🥰🌹🌺 Holidays are about sharing as much – or as little – as you would like to share. You are enough, rough-edges and all! • #mentalhealth #selfcare #healthyboundaries #mindfulness #Repost @namicommunicate ・・・ Talking always helps and is highly encouraged, but only if you are up to it and […]