On gratitude

Not always a given in my mind, even though I’d like to think so. 🧡 So for today, I’m thankful that I have a job to go to where I can hold space for people as they process their stories, that I have a family ready to welcome me home at the end of the day with food, laughter and love, and that I got to sleep in for an extra 3 hours this morning! Love to you and yours 🥰
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On the holidays and feelings

Because who doesn’t need a pop of yellow and afternoon sunlight on the day before the day before Thanksgiving?
The holidays can bring up A LOT. Sure they can be delightful and fun, but they also can bring up stress, complicated family dynamics, and feelings of loss, loneliness, anger or self-doubt. If you are feeling it already, know that you are not alone. People may not post about it on social media, but no one’s life is perfect. Resist getting caught up in assumptions or expectations. Take a break if you need it. Show up how you want to, and trust your boundaries. If you need support, ask for it. You matter. And you are enough.
If you are feeling like you need immediate support, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) has resources and local chapters at 1-800-950-6264.
DM me if you are looking for someone to work with regularly. Phone consultations are always complimentary. I have office space in Santa Monica, and I also meet with clients online. You do not have to go through this alone.

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On re-parenting yourself

Thinking about mothering and parenting today. About raising children and supporting those who are given the Herculean task of shaping those children into adults.
Also thinking about how so much of my work is geared toward helping adults learn how to re-parent themselves. To find that inner child – the angry, lost, sorrowful, or broken one – and make space for repair through play and narrative and empowerment and creative self-expression. To learn how to provide the safety and home that our own parents may not have been able to provide.
It’s not easy work. It’s not quick necessarily. But it is valuable and life changing. Finding the ability to make your inner you feel safe again, everything becomes possible.

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Workshop | Dec. 16 | People’s Playback Theatre Happening!

Calling all actors, healers, and/or curious explorers of story, dialogue, social justice and embodied narrative! Playback Theatre is taking root in Los Angeles, and we want you to get IN on it.

Playback Theatre is spontaneous theatre based on stories told by audience members. Life stories are shared, cast, and then enacted on the spot by a team of actors/dancers and a musician.

Inspired by the experimental theatre movement, psychodrama, and oral tradition of indigenous cultures, Playback Theatre was created in upstate New York in the 1970s by Jonathan Fox, Jo Salas, and the original PT Company. The method is now practiced across the world in sixty countries, and is used in a variety of settings including conferences, schools, colleges, prisons, hospitals, service agencies, and public theatres.

Los Angeles hasn’t had a Playback company in years, but 2 – YES, CHECK IT, TWO – companies are in the works of forming!! LA can handle that and more. We will be supporting each other as we grow. It’s a dynamic and exciting moment.

One of the new companies, People’s Playback, will be looking for a diverse group of individuals to audition. Right now, we are sending out the call to introduce the form to people who might not have heard about it. This evening will be an opportunity for you to get up, act, move, play music, and take part in creating the ritual. (No prior experience necessary.)

Join us for our first Happening. Through Playback Theatre we will invite dialogue, build community, and strive to create compelling theatre, while making space for laughter, reflection, connection, and healing.

Spread the word. December 16th.
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On “Yes, Let’s!”

Let’s go, shall we?
Feeling sorta holiday-ish today. Not that this is what LA looks like… but somewhere, there is a forest, and in my mind we are sitting here right now. Fresh clean air. Sounds of nature buzzing and moving slowly around us. No stress, no deadlines, no fear.
Anyone ever played that improv game “Yes, Let’s!”? One person in the group calls out a location and the group responds with an uproarious “Yes, let’s!” and proceeds to take on the actions and investigate the imaginary workings of this new landscape. It’s often played with kids, but I’m tickled to think of a manager in a corporate setting having success with it. Seeing people at work playing and then creating new textures and colors and smells in an environment void of them. Embodied would be ideal, but even a guided imagery meditation could be fun.
Hope you find some time for fun and daydreams today.
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Drama Therapy for Addiction: CEU elective

Tomorrow @ Drama Therapy Institute of Los Angeles! I’ll be teaching a course on the use of #dramatherapy with Addiction Populations. So much to cover, so little time. Hoping to have a Part 2 to the course in 2019. DM me if you are interested!✌🏽❤️
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