On a podcast recommendation

This. For anyone who is confused about #dramatherapy, THIS is in fact what drama therapy can do. Reply All’s podcast episode #129 doesn’t explicitly describe drama therapy as led by a drama therapist, but the goals and outcomes described in this piece are all there.

Drama therapy utilizes the same power of dramatic play, the same narrative restorying to facilitate healing from traumatic loss, and the same transformation found from imaginary projective techniques. Of course, Autumn, the amazing women interviewed in the piece, navigates her traumatic loss alone, replacing the structure a #dramatherapist could have provided with the structure/container of a computer game.

I encourage anyone interested in #creativeartstherapy, #playtherapy, and #narrativetherapy to listen to this podcast episode! It’s powerful and beautiful. Thank you @replyall and @gimletmedia for allowing us to witness this transformational story.
If you are looking for a drama therapist to work with in Los Angeles, please DM me. Phone consultations are always complimentary, and I’d love to see if we’d be the right fit. 📞📱:646-272-4971

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On boundaries

I love and value this well-timed reminder 🥰🌹🌺 Holidays are about sharing as much – or as little – as you would like to share. You are enough, rough-edges and all!

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Talking always helps and is highly encouraged, but only if you are up to it and in the mindset to share. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything that you’re not able to do just yet. .
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On forgiveness

One of my favorite poets with some realness this morning. 🧡 Learn to forgive ourselves and others. The human way.

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On expectations and assumptions

Day after Thanksgiving. How are we all doing? I worked yesterday and today at a detox center. Holidays can be tough for everyone, especially when we are in the hospital or a treatment facility that feels far from home. Even if holidays aren’t hard for you, do you ever get the day-after-holiday blues?

The interesting thing about holidays is that we all seem to have an idea for what they SHOULD look like. “Happy, laughing groups of people sharing food and feeling generally positive about their lives and the future.” Where does that image come from? Romantic comedies? Social media? It’s hard to escape the curated versions of perfection that saturate our mind space this time of the year.

So what do you do to balance our these unattainable assumptions or expectations? How do we find space for true gratitude? My first reminder is to reach out to people and truly ask how they are doing. You might be surprised what you find. Share your feelings with the awareness that there is nothing wrong or uncommon with feeling a little isolated, alone, or empty this time of the year. And if that feels too hard, then maybe do something where you can help or support others who might need it. Nothing gets us out of our own cycle of comparisons than connecting authentically with another person.

Of course there are times when our own resources are not enough, when self-care, sleep, exercise, or journaling just don’t do the trick. That’s when it is necessary for us to get help from the right places. Contact a professional, call a hotline, set up an appointment with a therapist. It doesn’t have to be an ongoing engagement, but if you are in crisis, one or two sessions can often help bring clarity and a plan for a more sustainable next step.

If you are feeling like you need immediate support, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline can be reached at 1-800-273-8255. NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness) has resources and local chapters at 1-800-950-6264.

DM me if you are looking for someone to work with regularly. Phone consultations are always complimentary. 🧡 📸 @heatherkincaidphoto #anxietyrelief #deppression #recovery #mentalhealthrecovery https://ift.tt/2DHQUDL