On the scribble story technique

Scribble drawing activity (aka Scribble Story Technique or SST) today in my eating disorders recovery group! ✒️ *this is the one I made alongside the clients*

✔️Start with a blank piece of paper and a pen. Ask group members to start scribbling all over their pages, in a way that allows for lots of lines to overlap.
✔️Take a step back, and observe the page of scribbles. Rotate the page and keep looking, allowing different images to emerge naturally.
✔️Start coloring in sections that stand out, gradually allowing a larger image or images to come forward.
✔️This could be an abstract piece (colors, shapes, patterns) or more literal (a dog, a symbol, or like I have here, a person’s face). The point is to explore the process, and while coloring, to observe your breath and body. Process is more important than product.
✔️After people are finished, invite them to title and share the story of their image. This could be a fable or myth, or it could be a description of an emotion. Does it relate in any way to your recovery? If so, how?

We had an intense process group in the morning, and this was a helpful exercise in allowing a more creative outlet for expression and release. The images are purposely disjointed and disconnected, a healthy challenge for clients who struggle with perfectionism or a need for control.
It can also be used for clinical supervision (see Dr. Laura Wood’s article here) or can just be a fun activity for kids and teens – or yourself – to get out of your head, into the present moment, and to see the world from a slightly different perspective. Let me know if you try it!

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Published by Danielle Levanas

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