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My work in 2019 took on a number of new shapes that I wasn’t expecting. Doesn’t life always surprise us that way? A part time job at Reasons Eating Disorders Treatment Facility led to a deeper understanding of the underlying factors involved in ED, while simultaneously my private practice started to *magically* attract more individuals struggling with similar issues. Perfectionism, control, self-criticism, trauma, and loss all began showing up in the room, and I found that I was HERE for it.

The term “eating disorder” is a misnomer in many ways – maladaptive coping tools manifest themselves in an unhealthy relationship with food, but the reason for the ED runs so much deeper. I have found a deeply compassionate and loving place in my heart and body for people struggling to love themselves, their shape, their image, and the way they take up space in the world.

The impact of social media, while it can be a lifeline in many ways to some people who are isolated, can also disrupt the process of embodied mindfulness and intuitive self-awareness. It can present a mirror that is so skewed, so targeted, and so discouraging, that individuals fall into a well of embodied self-hatred. Intelligence often complicates the situation even more. Rationally, so many of my clients understand the harm they are doing to themselves, but the felt sense is one so hard to access and so painful to engage, that fleeing or putting getting help off for tomorrow becomes a regular action.

Know that you are not alone. There are incredible resources available to you!
@theinnergem offers unique weekly groups for people in recovery from ED
@neda offers articles and links to more resources
And I’m available for clients in my private practice seeking a more embodied understanding of how to heal. We often start with talking and only move into embodiment when the time feels right. But the space is there.

Please reach out via DM or email me at danielle.levanas.therapy@gmail.com

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I am a Drama Therapist committed to supporting you on the path to achieving your goals and tapping into your creativity! My practice is based in Los Angeles, CA and built on the idea that all people deserve a space where we can observe our patterns, make choices about change, and cultivate growth. Through a holistic approach to recovery, I work with clients of all ages to help you discover a greater sense of flexibility, play, and empowerment in your life.