On magic

Day 29. A whole bunch of #dramatherapists in a sterile conference hotel making magic out of thin air.

Today I’m back at work at the #detox center, and I’m struck with how fitting this image is. The work I do here is small, often goes unnoticed. Most of if happens in the liminal space between institutional walls and a person’s imagination. My job is to help people see what isn’t there, to visualize a future that maybe they’ve never experienced. One without alcohol, sure, and heroin, of course. But one that goes back even further, to a time before abuse, trauma, childhood pain and hurt became accustomed to. To a time before the voice of self-doubt, self-hate, and fear was internalized. To reconnect with a childlike fearlessness of the unknown, the other, and yes, the self. Often the people I meet have so much shame and anger at themselves that they cannot even see who they were before addiction took over. And so I am there to remind them that other self-reflections are possible.

It’s hard to do this work in systems that don’t always understand what #dramatherapy is or what it can be. It’s hard to feel like I’m doing this work alone. But having the opportunity to spend a weekend reconnecting with like others who walk the same institutional halls and make the invisible and unknown and impossible possible reminds me that I have a wealth of support. Alchemists, advocates, allies, radicals, caretakers, containers, and leaders, I stand with an army of powerful souls.

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Published by Danielle Levanas

I am a Drama Therapist committed to supporting you on the path to achieving your goals and tapping into your creativity! My practice is based in Los Angeles, CA and built on the idea that all people deserve a space where we can observe our patterns, make choices about change, and cultivate growth. Through a holistic approach to recovery, I work with clients of all ages to help you discover a greater sense of flexibility, play, and empowerment in your life.