On magic

Day 29. A whole bunch of #dramatherapists in a sterile conference hotel making magic out of thin air.

Today I’m back at work at the #detox center, and I’m struck with how fitting this image is. The work I do here is small, often goes unnoticed. Most of if happens in the liminal space between institutional walls and a person’s imagination. My job is to help people see what isn’t there, to visualize a future that maybe they’ve never experienced. One without alcohol, sure, and heroin, of course. But one that goes back even further, to a time before abuse, trauma, childhood pain and hurt became accustomed to. To a time before the voice of self-doubt, self-hate, and fear was internalized. To reconnect with a childlike fearlessness of the unknown, the other, and yes, the self. Often the people I meet have so much shame and anger at themselves that they cannot even see who they were before addiction took over. And so I am there to remind them that other self-reflections are possible.

It’s hard to do this work in systems that don’t always understand what #dramatherapy is or what it can be. It’s hard to feel like I’m doing this work alone. But having the opportunity to spend a weekend reconnecting with like others who walk the same institutional halls and make the invisible and unknown and impossible possible reminds me that I have a wealth of support. Alchemists, advocates, allies, radicals, caretakers, containers, and leaders, I stand with an army of powerful souls.

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