On getting to know me

Just wanted to introduce myself to any new folks! I’m Danielle, a drama therapist and creative arts therapist.

So what exactly is Drama Therapy? (I get this question frequently.) It’s a form of therapy that utilizes creative, embodied methods to facilitate change.

What does it look like? Depends on the setting and client goals/needs. Sometimes we talk or tell stories, other times we use art materials or mindfulness techniques, and still other times we use our bodies to move, improvise, play theater games, or take on roles. It’s a trauma-informed, strength-based form of therapy that aims to meet clients where they are at and provide a safe-enough space for real healing and change.

Who is drama therapy for? Anyone can take part, it doesn’t require experience acting or being an artist! In my private practice I work primarily with adults and teens dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, major life changes, and creative blocks.

If you or anyone you know needs support, DM or email me for more info. Phone consultations are always complimentary. I’d love to see if I would be the right person for you to work with! None of us can or should do this alone.
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Published by Danielle Levanas

I am a Drama Therapist committed to supporting you on the path to achieving your goals and tapping into your creativity! My practice is based in Los Angeles, CA and built on the idea that all people deserve a space where we can observe our patterns, make choices about change, and cultivate growth. Through a holistic approach to recovery, I work with clients of all ages to help you discover a greater sense of flexibility, play, and empowerment in your life.