On growing pains

Day 24. My goals for tonight! Full moon and all.
Tomorrow morning I set off for the annual North American Drama Therapy Association conference in Kansas City. It’s been a long day, and now at 11pm, I’ve just gotten home and still have to pack and prep for my conference presentation. It’s also the first time that I’m leaving my kiddo for 4 days EVER, and I’m having all the feels! 🌜GROWING PAINS🌛 Still, it will be a special weekend away. I need this space to connect with my community, and my baby is in wonderful hands with his dad and relatives. I know this. I know this. And still…
Now I sleep. Tomorrow will be ok. One step at a time.

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😴🐠 It’s amazing how much better you feel when you give yourself the permission to rest and rejuvenate.
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