On intergenerational trauma

Day 23. Thinking of intergenerational trauma. Of the stories we carry with us from our parents and our parents’ parents. Of the shadows of earlier generations. How pain and loss can travel through a family until someone is ready to feel it. (Thank you for that reminder @jaimibrooks.)

How do we begin to heal? Where do we start when the feelings keep on catching us off guard? Where does the cycle shift? How can we reframe the narrative? And how do we as adults attend to and heal our inner children who maybe weren’t provided the opportunity? How do we begin to see what is in our blind spots?

At the same time, we can and should celebrate the present! Connect with our families (if we so choose). Enjoy our lives. Love deeply and with abandon, without hesitation, without fear. Create new stories, new patterns, new possibilities. Heal. Heal. Heal. And share that healing. Life is too precious to waste years holding onto anger, hurt, and fear. Step into the unknown and the possibilities that the future can be better than we could ever imagine.

So maybe we should all call a family member today. Reach out. Send love to someone who might not always feel it. Sometimes the littlest move in the direction of acceptance can be so difficult. But awareness of this resistance is the step before the step.

If this feels too hard, listen to that. Hold your pain gently, attend to it, love the parts of you that were not held enough. And talk with someone safe about any secrets you might still be holding. The burden of the pain isn’t all yours. The cycle can be broken. It must be broken. You are stronger and braver than you know!
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