On being the Fool

Day 21. The Fool. One of the roles I always aspire to play as a therapist is that of the Fool. For me, the Fool is someone who can enter a situation with “beginner’s mind” – without assumptions, with a clear, open heart, and with genuine curiosity about people and possibilities. It’s a role that comes in handy for me, one that can make transparent and playable the implicit power dynamic between therapist and client. I found myself taking it on early in my career as an educator when working with high school students. Through this role, people could see that I would never ask them to do something silly that I wouldn’t be willing to do myself. Boal and Forum Theatre call this role the Joker. Others see it as the Clown. Always, it shows up as a non-judgmental, flexible role that lives fully embodied in the present.

Interestingly enough, in the #tarot, the Fool is a card of “new beginnings, opportunity and potential.” It often depicts a person at the beginning of a journey about to step off a cliff into the unknown. The Fool is about “embrac[ing] the unknown, leaving behind any fear, worry or anxiety about what might or might not happen,” for the Fool encourages us to “feel the fear and do it anyway!” (Could there be a better metaphor for therapy?!)

In Drama Therapy, we look at the roles we play in our lives, assess whether we want to continue to playing them, and try out new roles for the future. I often call on the Fool when I am anxious or in need of grounding. Nothing makes me get over myself quicker than to realize how pointless it is to worry when it’s all part of the play. Nothing allows me to let go of my need to control than the realization that fear is an illusion and a choice.

Yesterday at the #detox center, we reflected on how so much of our resistance to connection is fear of being hurt. All therapy is about connection with another person. We are hurt in relationship to others (trauma), and therefore me must be healed in relationship too (therapy). If we let the Fool in, the healing process can be full of spontaneity, freedom, wonderment and curiosity.

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Published by Danielle Levanas

I am a Drama Therapist committed to supporting you on the path to achieving your goals and tapping into your creativity! My practice is based in Los Angeles, CA and built on the idea that all people deserve a space where we can observe our patterns, make choices about change, and cultivate growth. Through a holistic approach to recovery, I work with clients of all ages to help you discover a greater sense of flexibility, play, and empowerment in your life.