Online Call | Sun. 3/15/18 | NADTA Diversity: Drama Therapy and Intersectionality


As a part of the North American Drama Therapy Association’s Racial Justice Dialogues, Kamran Afary and I will be facilitating a dialogue exploring questions of how intersectionality emerges in clinical and educational settings.

Drama Therapy and Intersectionality in Clinical and Educational Settings

Sunday, March 25 at 5:30pm Pst (8:30pm Est)

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  • What does intersectionality mean to you in your work?
  • Where do you see intersectionality present in your work?
  • What are some of the challenges in incorporating intersectionality into our work?

Please join Danielle Levanas and Kamran Afary to explore these questions in relation to your own work and practice.

Published by Danielle Levanas

I am a Drama Therapist committed to supporting you on the path to achieving your goals and tapping into your creativity! My practice is based in Los Angeles, CA and built on the idea that all people deserve a space where we can observe our patterns, make choices about change, and cultivate growth. Through a holistic approach to recovery, I work with clients of all ages to help you discover a greater sense of flexibility, play, and empowerment in your life.